Transformer Oil Testing

For close to 20 years we have developed and manufactured BA Breakdown Analyzer models for transformer oil testing, serving power utilities and their supporting industries worldwide.

Ultra-light breakdown analyzers from b2 electronics are straightforward to operate and ideally suited for both laboratory and on-site transformer oil testing.
In order to fit the needs of all our clients, b2 electronics offers a wide range of reliable transformer oil testers, with test voltages up to 100 kV (sine wave).

The flashover voltage of dielectric transformer or switchgear oil can be determined by taking an oil sample and carrying out a fully-automated oil breakdown test. A tailor-made BA ControlCenter software solution will assist you through the whole testing procedure.

Predefined and fully automatic test sequences from b2 electronics are in compliance with standard IEC 60156 and its local derivations; ASTM D1816 - 04, ASTM D877 - 02, AS 1767.2.1 and GOST 6581 - 75.

Transformer oil testers


max. Output voltage 75 kVrms
Weight 22 kg (incl. battery)


max. Output voltage 80 kVrms
Weight 22 kg (incl. battery)


max. Output voltage 100 kVrms
Weight 32 kg (incl. battery)

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