Company History


b2 electronics celebrates its 20th anniversary.


Establishing new sales partner network in Latin America, to provide locally full support and coverage of the customers' requirements.


b2 electronics joins the OMICRON group as an independent company, maintaining its own brand and organizational structure.


Further development and improvement of existing testing devices; extension of the HVA family portfolio with VLF test sets with extra power (HVA30-7, HVA40-5 and HVA54-3) and double power (HVA68-2).

Establishing sales partner network for Middle East, supported by in-region sales partner in Saudi Arabia, to provide locally full support and coverage of the customers' requirements.


b2 electronics introduces HVA45TD, the smallest VLF test system of its performance class on the market with integrated Tan Delta diagnostics system.


Building on the worldwide success of the HVA series of VLF test sets, the HVA200 takes our field-proven and trusted design principles on to the next level.
From now on, b2 electronics offers VLF output voltages up to 200 kVpeak (141 kVrms), allowing the user to perform voltage withstand tests on assets with network voltages as high as 132 kV.


New VLF diagnostics systems from b2 electronics are extremely compact, portable and modular. They provide users with a clear statement about the quality and condition of a MV or HV network.


b2 electronics introduces the smallest VLF hipot tester worldwide, HVA28TD. This generator provides integrated Tan Delta Diagnostics unit.

Extension of our product range with TD and PD diagnostics systems.


Obtaining EN ISO 9001 certificate, to prove outstanding products quality and reproducible process results throughout the development, manufacturing, calibration and shipment procedures of our systems.

Company-related education of employees within the scope of apprenticeship training.


b2 electronics launches Breakdown Analyzer series with BA75, the worldwide smallest portable device suited for both laboratory and on-site transformer oil testing.


Launch of the smallest VLF hipot tester worldwide, the HVA34.

In preparation for its launch, manufacturing capacity is expanded and a state of the art high voltage test field is installed.


Development of the first own product line in the field of telemetry and measurement data acquisition, DCS.

DCS product line launch results in successful market introduction. From the very beginning, the product line is also manufactured by b2 electronics itself.


b2 electronics GmbH is founded by the managing partners, Ing. Stefan Baldauf and Ing. Rudolf Blank.

Development and manufacturing services are offered and several projects for well-known electronics companies in Austria and Switzerland are implemented.

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