Innovation in High Voltage
VLF Cable Testing and Diagnostics & Transformer Oil Testing

Founded in 2001, b2 electronics is an internationally acting company with the goal to innovate high voltage testing. With our solutions, we help to prevent damage to electrical energy networks in a safe, fast and cost-efficient way. Customers in more than 120 countries put their trust in us and our systems.

b2 electronics - the right choice!

We are engineers who innovate with passion and a sense of responsibility. Our extensive product portfolio is patent proofed and makes us the market leader for compact and lightweight energy cable test and diagnostics equipment. Our solutions are fully researched, developed and manufactured in-house in Austria.

With partners in more than 80 countries, we are always near to our customers. From our first interaction to delivery and beyond, we share our knowledge and attach great importance to a trustful partnership.


VLF Cable Testing

Determines the condition of MV and HV cables during installation, acceptance testing or maintenance.

VLF Cable Diagnostics

Enables early detection of vulnerabilities in insulations of MV and HV cables and prevents potential breakdowns.

Transformer Oil Testing

Evaluates the condition of the transformer insulating oil in a non-destructive way.


VLF Test Sets

VLF high voltage test sets of the HVA series are the most advanced VLF AC/DC hipot test equipment of its kind available.

VLF Diagnostics Systems

In connection with hipot testers of the HVA series, systems for tan delta and partial discharge measurements can be built.

Transformer Oil Testers

Condition of the transformer oil is determined on its oil sample via predefined and fully automated test sequences.

b2 Software Solutions

For each of our product ranges, b2 electronics offers a tailor-made powerful software solution with smart features.

All products

Overall b2 electronics product portfolio, covering VLF cable testing & diagnostics, transformer oil testing and software.


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Tech News - HVA68TD

VLF high voltage test set with Tan Delta diagnostics & Arc Pre-Location (APL)

Tech News

DOUBLE POWER - HVA34 • UPGRADE - PD30-E • NEW RELEASE - b2 suite v2 software

Tech News

New BA Control Center v4 and new BA Firmware v3.50 available

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