b2 Software Solutions

For earch of our product ranges b2 electronics offers a tailor-made powerful software solution which features flexible and fast data acquisition, customized test sequences and extensive reporting capabilities.

Below, a precise description of each of our three software solutions is presented. Clearly stated for every one of them is its purpose, characteristics and benefits you can obtain when working with it.

b2 Control Center

b2 Suite

BA Control Center

b2 Control Center

Powerful software solution for HVA test sets

b2 ControlCenter (b2CC) is a powerful software solution designed for all HVA test sets from b2 electronics portfolio.
It features flexible and fast data acquisition, customized test sequences and extensive reporting capabilities. For HVA test sets with internal TD diagnostic unit, b2CC serves as a comprehensive diagnostics platform providing an even wider range of options, such as viewing the Monitored Withstand Test (MWT).


Customized test sequences

Individual test sequences can be created and uploaded to the test device in seconds and upload to your test device.

Easy reporting

Reports can be generated at the click of a button. Many different formats are available, allowing individual data processing and customized reporting of test results.

Monitored Withstand Test

b2CC visualizes live data of a simultaneously carried out VLF cable and TD diagnostic test as per IEEE 400.2.

Remote control (optional)

Test sequences on the HVA generators can be both started and monitored remotely via computer to increase safety and convenience.

Your Benefits

  • connect devices via Bluetooth or serial connection
    (depending on a device being used)
  • manage customized or pre-programmed sequences and upload them to the device
  • get real-time measurement data from the connected device and create reports directly on your computer
  • Tan Delta diagnostics live view and reporting 
    (for HVA test sets with internal TD diagnostic unit)
  • extensive reporting capabilities
  • download reports from the device or load from USB flash drive 
    (depending on a device being used)
  • export reports in different formats (PDF, RTF, XML, CSV, …)
  • more than 10 languages supported

b2 Suite

Software solution for testing, diagnosis and reporting management 

b2 Suite is an all-in-one computer software. It leads you through the entire cable testing process including VLF testing, TD and PD diagnostics, measurement data analysis and reporting, live.
At the same time, it serves as a comprehensive database, making the analysis and evaluation of the measured data easy and comprehensive. It allows fast comparisons with past measurements and performing reproducible measurements.


Simultaneous PD and TD measurement (b2 Suite v2.0 or higher)

The parallel measurement of PD and TD results in significant time savings. In addition, it prevents negative influence on the results of the second test carried out due to feeding high test voltages during the first test.

Reliable detection of PD activities

The intelligent algorithms of the software separate valid and invalid PD signals during measurement. This simplifies the interpretation of measurement results.


In combination with TD devices (and PD devices), the b2 Suite v2 software provides an additional comprehensive assessment (acc. IEEE 400.2) of your cable system, live.

Easy and individual reporting

b2 Suite allows both simple and fast as well as individual and comprehensive reporting. Measurement data and additional files are included with the click of a button, allowing completion of measurements including reporting in only 15 minutes.

Your benefits

  • automatic or manual modes for testing, TD and PD diagnostics
  • Guided Diagnostics Process - leads the operator through diagnostics step by step (sets or recommends measuring parameters)
  • precise localization of PD in cable insulation, terminations and joints
  • visualization of PD events over the total cable length
  • phase-resolved PD patterns
  • PD inception and extinction voltage
  • definition or recommendation of measuring parameters based on guides like IEEE 400.2 and 400.3 and in compliance with standards HD 620, CEI EN 50393, IEC 60270, IEC 60502-2 and their local derivations
  • analog and digital frequency filters
  • high noise suppression
  • automatic and manual trigger setting
  • device connect via Bluetooth (TD Family) or serial connection (PD Family)
  • comprehensive reports exported in formats PDF or XLSX
  • powerful and comprehensive database
  • direct mapping of cable trace (b2 Suite v2.0 or higher)
  • remote control via Live Mode (optional)

BA Control Center

Breakdown analyzer software for comprehensive tests

BA ControlCenter (BA CC) is a unique software tool, capable of fast and accurate evaluation of the condition of transformer insulation oil. There are many different formats of evaluation reports available, allowing individual data processing and customized reporting of test results.

Every model in the BA series from b2 electronics fulfills all legal requirements of the mandatory transformer oil test.




Time Saver

Manages up to four Breakdown Analyzers' sequences simultaneously.

Preset test sequences

Chose from a set of predefined and fully automatic test sequences.

powerful database

The convenient search function of the comprehensive BACC database allows fast comparisons with past measurements and performing reproducible measurements.

Comprehensive reporting

Reports can be generated at the click of a button and are available via print-outs.

Your benefits

  • capable of performing up to four BA sequences simultaneously as well as a single manually controlled sequence
  • test sequences may be carried out remotely, from your PC
  • report results print-outs from the BA device; or from external printer (via PC)
  • individual data processing and customized reporting of test results
  • reports exported in formats PDF, XML, TXT
  • device connect via Bluetooth or USB
  • available in several languages

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