At b2 electronics, we are absolutely serious about applying the values into our everyday working life. We believe that without the values it is not possible to have a healthy and balanced working environment. They need to be taken seriously but do not all necessary have to be just serious. Ours are the following ones:

We trust each other
Trust is at the heart of our values. Our relationships with each other, our business partners and customers are based on trust. We rely on others as well as on ourselves. 

We act responsibly
We take the full responsibility for our decisions and for what we do. 

We share our knowledge
We help each other by sharing and passing on our knowledge.  

We respect each other
We treat each other respectfully and accept the individual characteristics of others. 

We are honest 
We do not distort ourselves and are allowed to say what we mean.
We improve through self-reflection and constructive feedback from others. 

We have fun
We bring a positive attitude to the work and enjoy doing a great job.
We understand that fun is felt individually and show consideration for each other. 

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