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Since 2012 is b2 electronics active also in Germany, with a subsidiary in Cologne, presenting our powerful high voltage test equipment up to 141 kVrms (@ 0.1 Hz) and high precision diagnostics systems to the German market.

Additionally, b2 electronics subsidiary Germany offers:

  • cable testing in cable networks from 6 kV to 200 kV
  • TD and PD diagnostics
  • tests and diagnostics realized via diagnostics van
  • professional trainings and workshops
  • consultations and exchange of experience
  • calibration of the test equipment
  • maintenance services

Cable Diagnostics Van

Use the opportunity and rent our

  1. the most advanced VLF AC/DC hipot test equipment of its kind available, performing voltage withstand tests on MV and HV cables at frequencies from 0.01 Hz to 0.1 Hz
  2. and the practical, for measurements and diagnostics tailored diagnostics van.

The diagnostic van is suitable for on the go for:

  • long cable distances
  • high test voltages
  • TD and PD diagnostics

It makes a difference, if you transport your energy over a three-lane motorway or a dirt road. Investments in the replacement of your cable lines can be efficiently controlled by testing and diagnostics. The motto is: Minimize the failures! Predictable shutdowns of your cables can prevent interference before it occurs. We are happy to assist you with our experience and know-how in this work.

Trainings and Workshops

Our offer of professional trainings and expert workshops:

We offer a number of PROFESSIONAL TRAININGS in order to help our clients perform better and understand the responsibility when working with MV and HV equipment.

Following professional trainings are currently available:
1. product training e.g. for tan delta and partial discharge diagnostics
2. professional advice on cable fault detection with b2 test equipment
Date and location: on demand.

We also offer EXPERT WORKSHOPS on the b2 electronics equipment in daily use. 

A workshop currently available: "Diagnostics made easy"
A 2-day workshop about cable diagnostics in cooperation with the b2 electronics partner Th├╝ringer Energie
workshop content:
- introduction to partial discharge measurement and tangent delta measurement
- diagnostics and handling of measurement devices
- live-measurements taken on MV cables
date: on demand
location: Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany
number of participants: max. 12



Events & Trainings

No news available.

Contact persons

Rafal Stych
Sale and Service for northern,
eastern and western Germany

M   +49 173 999 1209

Unnauer Weg 7A
50767 Cologne | Germany

Thomas Maurer
Sale and Service
for southern Germany

M +49 173 999 1221

Bergstrasse 5
84172 Buch am Erlbach | Germany

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