Environment, social responsibility & quality

Environment & Social responsibility

Our Commitment

We contently strive to improve and protect environment. To this point we implemented following eco-friendly rules:

1. We contribute to building up infrastructure for greener electric mobility
Our products greatly contribute to building up the necessary infrastructure for greener electric mobility and a more efficient distribution of power in general.
EV charging stations as well as photovoltaic and wind power stations all need high voltage cables for their operation.
Overhead lines can get damaged under severe weather conditions, which unfortunately happen more frequent with the ongoing climate changes. They can be substituted by underground cables being by severe weather conditions a lot less impacted.
2. We offer significantly lighter and CO2 friendlier solution
when considering travelling and setup costs of the measurement (and diagnostics) system.
3. Our diagnostics equipment fits easily into a van or on a trailer
and is thus easily transferable within the city traffic as well as bumpy rural terrain.
4. We minimize our environmental footprint
During our product design we are striving to minimize the environmental impact for the production, operation and maintenance of our equipment.
5. We advocate the use of greener products
Wherever possible, we try not to use components consisting of rare-earth metals in our electronic devices. We do our best to help the environment by going the extra mile and see if there is a green part available instead.
We also understand our responsibility for the disposal of waste electronic equipment.
6. We strive for using as few chemistry products as possible
Throughout the past years we have reduced the use of chemicals during production by 30%. Furthermore, we purposely looked for such external partners which are better equipped with environment friendly production machines and we extended our cooperation with them to further reduce pollution.
7. We pursue to stay local to minimize the CO2 footprint for transport of assemblies
Besides electronic components, the core of our main suppliers throughout the manufacturing process are local or within central Europe in a radius of 250 km.

8. We make your power consumption low
By using VLF technology, up to 200 times less power is needed for testing cables in comparison to conventional systems operating on main frequency.
9. We reduce the amount of insulation oil to a bare minimum
Wherever possible we are avoiding the use of insulation oil, which is more difficult to dispose and is a higher danger for the environment than solid insulation material.
10. We encourage greener ways to commute
setting up a bike rack and being members of local EcoPoints program.
11. We support local fruit, beverage and snack suppliers
supporting fair-trade ethics and reducing CO2 emission.

Crossing Borders - Education for Children

As a member of Omicron Group, b2 electronics is proud to support Crossing Borders, a non-profit organization supporting children and young people in less-developed regions on the world by improving their educational opportunities. 

Crossing Borders was born from the vision of Rainer Aberer, the founder of the company Omicron, and his team to contribute by changing the world for the better. OMICRON is continuing to support our association, however there are also other partners. To learn more about the organization, please visit us at Crossing Borders.


Based on successful certification audit and quality management requirements, b2 electronics obtained in 2009 an EN ISO 9001 certificate to prove outstanding products quality and reproducible process results throughout the development, manufacturing, calibration and shipment procedures of our HVA test and diagnostics systems, as well as related software tools.

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