Transformer Oil Testers

BA test sets (Breakdown Analyzer test sets) from b2 electronics evaluate condition of transformer insulating fluids (suitable for mineral oils, ester fluids, natural or synthetic, and silicone fluids). This helps you to decide whether the oil has to be changed in order to extend the asset life.

A flashover voltage of dielectric oil is determined by taking an oil sample and carrying out a fully-automated oil breakdown test. Various predefined and fully automated test sequences meet all relevant international standards and regulations. Thus, every model in the BA series fulfills all legal requirements for mandatory transformer oil tests.


max. Output voltage 75 kVrms
Weight 22 kg (incl. battery)


max. Output voltage 80 kVrms
Weight 22 kg (incl. battery)


max. Output voltage 100 kVrms
Weight 32 kg (incl. battery)



BA models are the lightest and the smallest oil testers of their ratings available.

Ultra-fast switch-off time

Use of modern mineral or silicon oils as well as new ester oils makes oil testing increasingly challenging. An ultra-fast switch-off time (<5 μs) is essential to ensure reliable and repeatable tests.

Lockable electrode spacing

Eliminates the possibility of electrode movement during handling or testing. This ensures maximum reproducibility and reliable measurement results of the breakdown voltage.

Highest level of RFI/EMC shielding in a rugged design

A metal housing ensures best possible shielding of interfering electromagnetic fields to protect your IT assets. The rugged design also permits usage in tough environments.

Your benefits

  • ideally suited for both laboratory and on-site transformer oil testing
  • a non-destructive transformer oil testing
  • operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C
  • measurement and recording of the breakdown voltage
  • communication over Bluetooth
  • automatically generated test reports provided via BA ControlCenter software
  • precise and dependable analysis of breakdown voltage
  • customer specific test sequences programmed upon request
  • download reports from the device via USB flash drive
  • portable diagnostics system

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