BA Control Center

BA Control Center

Breakdown analyzer software for comprehensive tests

BA ControlCenter (BA CC) is a unique software tool, capable of fast and accurate evaluation of the condition of transformer insulation oil. There are many different formats of evaluation reports available, allowing individual data processing and customized reporting of test results.

Every model in the BA series from b2 electronics fulfills all legal requirements of the mandatory transformer oil test.




Time Saver

Manages up to four Breakdown Analyzers' sequences simultaneously.

Preset test sequences

Chose from a set of predefined and fully automatic test sequences.

powerful database

The convenient search function of the comprehensive BACC database allows fast comparisons with past measurements and performing reproducible measurements.

Comprehensive reporting

Reports can be generated at the click of a button and are available via print-outs.

Your benefits

  • capable of performing up to four BA sequences simultaneously as well as a single manually controlled sequence
  • test sequences may be carried out remotely, from your PC
  • report results print-outs from the BA device; or from external printer (via PC)
  • individual data processing and customized reporting of test results
  • reports exported in formats PDF, XML, TXT
  • device connect via Bluetooth or USB
  • available in several languages

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