Pure sinusoidal VLF hipot test set with 200 kV

VLF output voltages of up to 200 kVpeak allow you to perform voltage withstand tests on assets with network voltages as high as 141 kVrms. Our HVA200 system is far more compact and lightweight than any other withstand testing solution providing this voltage level. The test system can optionally be upgraded with a highly sensitive cable diagnostic module to perform PD and TD diagnostics in addition to the withstand test.

Performance: Outstanding features in terms of size, weight (950 kg) and performance (max. 10 µF).

Duty cycle: Operating time of this test set is not thermally limited; it may operate continuously.

Connectivity: On site, no external PC is needed. All results can be later downloaded via optical fiber or USB for further investigation and easy reporting via software tool.

High power: Sufficient power to charge cables up to 10 µF, allowing to test extra-long cables.

Service and maintenance: With only a small amount of oil used, the HVA200 test set is an almost dry-type test system. This means less maintenance and no hassle during transport.

Output voltage max. 200 kVpeak, 141 kVrms
Output load 0.6 μF @ 0.1 Hz @ 141 kVrms
Weight ca. 950 kg / 2.094 lbs


Tan Delta and Partial Discharge diagnostics

HVA200 can be extended to a complete cable diagnostic system at any time.

Flexible positioning

The system can be arranged in a space-saving V-type configuration. The angle between DC towers can be changed from 60° to 180°.

Unlimited operating time

HV generators are designed for continuous operation without any thermal limitations.

trailer version

Mounted on a compact trailer, allows moving the device to testing spots with limited access, such as substations or urban surroundings.

Your benefits

  • pure sinusoidal VLF output voltages up to 200 kV (141 kVrms) and DC voltages up to ± 200 kV, load independent
  • low set-up time and convenient handling
  • optional HV test lead (up to 50 m) on cable rack available
  • automatic load calculation and frequency selection (0.01 - 0.1 Hz)
  • digital metering of U (rms), I (rms), C, R, and time
  • real time oscilloscope display of output voltage
  • programmable test sequences with a tailor-made software tool
  • interface: optical fiber and USB
  • hybrid system
  • towable by a 4x4 pick-up or SUV
  • easy access even to small substations

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