Double power VLF high voltage test set

The compact design and unmatchable high voltage output power to weight ratio of the HVA test sets are second to none on the market, and make the b2 electronics high voltage generators very desirable in all classes at all voltage levels.
The HVA68-2 is a compact and portable VLF test set which determines the condition of medium voltage cables. It performs VLF and DC testing, as well as sheath testing with sheath fault location mode.

Performance: Unmatched output power to weight ratio.
2.0 μF @ 0.1 Hz @ 44 kVrms in comparison to 1.0 μF @ 0.1 Hz @ 44 kVrms (HVA60)
That makes double the output power with no increase in size or weight. b2 electronics patented technology with pure sinusoidal VLF output voltage makes this device the most advanced and powerful HV device for cable testing.

Duty cycle: Operating time of this test set is not thermally limited; it may operate continuously.

Safety first: The test set has two independent earthing devices (electronic and mechanical discharging) and an integrated 12 kV transient protection system (at 50 Hz) to protect both the operator and the device.

Connectivity: On site, no external PC is needed. All results can be later downloaded via USB for further investigation and easy reporting via software tool.

Solid HV connectors: Robust HV connectors allow the use of various HV test lead lengths, quick exchange of a replacement cable, or a simpler upgrade path for connection of diagnostics systems.

Service and maintenance: With no oil or arcing contacts, the dry-type transformer makes this test set almost maintenance-free.

Output voltage max. 68 kVpeak, 48 kVrms
Output load

2.0 μF @ 0.1 Hz @ 44 kVrms
1.7 μF @ 0.1 Hz @ 48 kVrms

Weight 57 kg / 125.6 lbs


Tan Delta and Partial Discharge diagnostics

HVA68-2 can be extended to a complete cable diagnostic system at any time.


Our extra power HVA series have been designed for maximum portability and on-site use. This makes them widely applicable for in-field use.

Dry System

HVA test sets are constructed with nonarcing contacts and no need to change the oil. This eliminates the routine servicing and makes the test sets almost maintenance-free.

unlimited operating time

HV generators are designed for continuous operation without any thermal limitations.

your benefits

  • pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent)

  • 12 kV transient protection (50 Hz)

  • Dual Discharge Device (DDDTM), integrated electronic and mechanical discharge devices

  • sheath fault pinpointing (in combination with sheath fault locator, not included)

  • breakdown voltage and load detection

  • digital metering of U (rms), I (rms), C, R, and time
  • easily exchangeable HV test lead
  • real time oscilloscope display of output voltage
  • programmable test sequences with a tailor-made software tool
  • download reports from the device via USB flash drive
  • vacuum bottle test

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